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Practice Areas

At Regola Consulting we have a broad range of professional services. We understand that every business has different needs, therefore we can offer you a variety of services that will help your business thrive.  We utilize our services to significantly increase your chances of success in reaching your desired goals. 
The Regola Consulting approach in transportation utilizes former Senator Regola's experience. As a 1984 graduate from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering, and as a registered professional land surveyor, Bob Regola has an advantage over the competition in this practice area. Working in the industry for years, he understands the needs and challenges first hand. Furthermore Regola had the honor of being appointed as one of the two senate representatives on the State Transportation Advising Committee, a body on which he still serves as an active member. 



Serving as a Senator and Township Supervisor I have experienced the difficulties that local agencies, fire and rescue services, and project developers had in accessing appropriate state and federal funding. I have learned first-hand of the difficulties faced by municipalities, educational institutions and private developers because of the limited funds for public financing and the limited time and resources that the public officials can devote to these public financing requests. As a State Senator, I worked hard to make these programs more accessible, and assisted many local organizations, developers and municipalities in successfully achieving grants and other funding for their projects.
Not only do we have the experience to understand a proposed project or request, but we also understand the process and obstacles that must be addressed and overcome to obtain public funding. We will make sure that projects have the best possible chance of obtaining public funds to make the project into a reality.​

Regola Consulting utilizes our professional understanding of and relationships with the various branches of state government to achieve results for our clients. Having served in both local and state government and having built strong relationships with federal legislators, Regola Consulting strives to build long term relationships with our clients built on results and enhanced by trust and integrity. We make sure that our clients are well informed on the issues and the strategies being utilized to meet their needs.


At Regola Consulting, we understand that success is obtained through carefully building and maintaining relationships with leaders at the local, county, state, and federal levels. We seek to develop long term relationships with clients based on results, trust, and integrity. The Regola team is committed to utilizing knowledge, wisdom, and courage to achieve results.



Property Site Development
Business Development
Government Affairs
Procurement/ Grant Appropriations 
Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial sites, we have the knowledge to assist you with your business development plan. With Senator Regola utilizing his education in civil engineering along with his professional surveyor's license and thirty years of experience you will have the advantage. Not only does he have the experience to understand your proposed project, he has the design experience, understands the regulations and agencies and has worked with developers, builders and municipalities. Finally and perhaps more importantly, he understands the process and the obstacles that must be addressed and overcome to obtain public funding. With his education, experience and advocacy he will put the client in the best position for results.
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